Or as we like to say, you can't twerk your polygraphs

Today I continued an adventure of playing with maps and data on CartoDB. In public health, we're often working with data at the census tract, zip code, or county level - these areas are represented by polygons in mapping, since they're not actual points at specific addresses. Torque lets you visualize data on a map over time, and I was looking to do this with county-level data. Turns out that Torque needs actual points, and isn't polygon-friendly. You cannot torque polygons. I'll be trying out a workaround later this week.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about but like maps, I'd recommend checking out CartoDB's tutorials. I was brand new to this stuff 24 hours ago, and I've already picked up a lot just from those and playing around.

(h/t to Phil for getting me to try it and to Andrew for answering my torque questions)