Here's a thing that I've learned nearly every day for the past month:

Having a daily public-facing writing habit is hard. When I started this adventure, I expected as much - but it was hard in some slightly less-expected ways. Since I only obligated myself to a couple of sentences a day, I figured that I could force myself to post nearly every day. But, because it was only a couple of sentences a day, it was easy to push it to the very end of the day. And sometimes, at the very end of the day, sleep is front-of-mind, not recreational writing. I also learned that a significant proportion of what I learn cannot be distilled into a couple of sentences, because much of it requires a ton of background information. Kind of like this cartoon from Hugh MacLeod:

Here are a couple of other things I re-learned (for the millionth or so time):

1) Sometimes we have expectations from ourselves that are both excessive and unnecessary. My intent was to post something I learned every day, on that day. But why? Some days I learn a dozen interesting little tidbits about the world. Some days I learn mind-numbing minutiae about file structure on one of our network drives at my office. I don't want to write about that, and I'm betting you don't want to read about it. Yet, I had decided that each post needed to happen on the day it went up.

2) Momentum works both ways. Posting a couple of sentences a day works great, until it doesn't. A day or two with a particularly hectic schedule, and then it turns into the self-defeating "well, I didn't do it yesterday either". I once read an article about a related topic - the delayed email response. The longer you wait to reply, the harder it gets to send the email, due to a mounting internal pressure to send an email so profound that it warrants the delayed reply. (I can't remember the source, but would be very excited if someone else has it.) I found the same thing here.

So here's the new plan:

One post a day (generally speaking), but I can write posts in advance and queue them up. 

Maybe this will work better. Maybe it won't. I'll post what I learn either way. Eventually.