I suck at this.

I started this "Today I Learned" section because I wanted to share things I found interesting, and because I thought a daily public-facing post would be an interesting experience.

It has been. Part of what I've learned is that I'm bad at it. I thoroughly understand the value of writing every day - Seth Godin's daily thoughts are one of my favorite parts of my inbox - but it's not a great fit for my lifestyle. More importantly, I clearly haven't prioritized it very highly. This has led to more than zero guilt and anxiety about an elective activity that I completely manufactured for myself.

So, I've made a decision to eventually retire or repurpose this section of my website, in favor of a new newsletter. This newsletter will give me the space to regularly share what I'm excited about, which is what I was really after, without the chronic feeling of slipping behind.

I hope you'll join me!